Hello boys and girls, we are back today to give some love to a site that has been doing an excellent job. They are really helping out the Vape Community every day one day at a time. They definitely do the best vape reviews on the net and we stand by that all the way. They try and do reviews of the best stuff that hits the shelves, but they do not write a review for every single product out there. They are to be elite by just doing the most popular products that everyone is talking about. That being said, so far they are doing an outstanding job and we love each and every post that they write. There are a few categories to pick from once getting to their site. We have noticed that they add more and more every week. Everything that they have written about specific products has turned out to be exactly true and accurate. There isn’t any exaggerations, no bs, and certainty nothing added that would just solely be there to help out the company who made the product or the manufacturer. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph, and everything they write is from the heart. They do not take products for free to review, they do not accept any money to write positive review, they do not do anything that is ethically wrong that would mislead their readers. All the guys and girls the write and work for The Best Vape are authentic, honest, positive, and have excellent morals which is why they would never add some positive things to a review when it is not true. You can be sure that when you read something on their site it is true or their opinion.

Since all of their posts are great and pretty much perfect it is hard to point out the best ones, but one for sure is the Herakles Plus Review which is getting loads of positive feedback from the Vape community. That one is part of a really popular page on their site called Sub Ohm Tank Reviews which is a category you should really check out if you like sub ohm tanks. They also have a e-Juice Review category and a DNA 200 category. Our favorite is definitely the Sub Ohm Tanks. You can check out their site from either of the two links we posted above. Feel free to comment on any of the reviews as they love to hear feedback whether it is negative or positive. They also have a contact page that has a form for companies, manufacturers, and readers to fill out to get a hold of them. Whenever I am going to buy a new tank or a new mod or anything related at all to vaping I always check their site to see if they have done a review of the product. I know that whatever they say about it will be true and honest and I never buy anything online that I have not done research on first.

Feel free to check out their site and browse thru all the reviews, pages, and categories. You should never make a purchase online or in a store without doing the proper due diligence and seeing what other people have said about it. You do not want to buy a product, get home and try it out and then it sucks right? So before making your next purchase be sure to educate yourself first. There is nothing worse then been excited about a new product, then buying it and waiting for it to get there, and then it end up being horrible. Ok that is it for today’s post, I wrote more then I was planning on. Do not forget to go and read the reviews on their site and definitely go check out the Sub Ohm Tank Reviews page and find a tank you would like to buy. That is all for today, take care and be safe people.